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I first started seeing Crissy about a month after experiencing a miscarriage. Before meeting her, I had tried a few other therapists and wasn’t getting anywhere. Still reeling from the miscarriage, stress from work, and stress I was putting on myself, I was desperate for someone to talk to. From our initial phone call, I knew it was going to be a good fit. In that phone call, she was reassuring that things would be ok, which helped to put me at ease and was able to fit me in a week later. (She had originally suggested the following day, but unfortunately I couldn’t rearrange my work schedule.) 

Since our initial appointment, I’ve been seeing Crissy once a week for about 6 months. In that time, she has helped me to deal with (and continue to deal with) my emotions surrounding the miscarriage and the possibility of another pregnancy, self-esteem issues/assertiveness and anxiety/depression. If I have questions about what I’m going through or why she is suggesting a certain technique or medication, she is able to answer my questions or researches and gets back to me in a timely manner. She uses a wide variety of techniques: meditation, thought stopping, breathing exercises, goal setting, journaling, etc. to name a few. If one technique doesn’t work, there are others she can suggest. She tailors the therapy to your needs and what will best help you.

While I work with Crissy specifically, I’ve said hello to a few of the other therapists, while waiting for my appointment. Everyone that I have talked to in the office has been nice and welcoming. Personally, if I could no longer see Crissy for some reason, I would see one of the other therapists in the practice. All the therapists I have come in contact with genuinely care about their patients – you can hear it in their voice when they say hello!

Crissy and her colleagues sincerely want to see their clients reach their goals and live the life they want to live! If you are looking for a therapist in the South Hills, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Cristina Panaccione and Associates!

L. H. -  Pittsburgh, Pa

Alyssa never judged me no matter what I told her so I always felt comfortable with her.  She's also an expert at noticing patterns.

C. P. - New York

I can honestly say that Crissy is a valid and valuable part of my life. Through my time with her, she has managed to bring clarity to situations that have been very difficult for me to muddle through-her honesty and straightforward counsel have brought me to a point that I feel I can now handle-She manages to be both firm and compassionate, balancing her advice in the best possible way-she has helped both myself and my adult daughter through some very dark days and I feel lucky to have ended up in her office. She is a true professional and a gift to my world.

T. C. - Coraopolis, Pa

I originally started seeing Alyssa while I was a full time student, part time employee suffering from anxiety and depression which had been an ongoing problem for years that stemmed from numerous amount of family and relationship problems. I had spoken with other therapists previous to coming to see Alyssa that only wanted me to try different medications to cope with the problems but never really helped me address the reasons why I was feeling the way that I was. After doing some research online I had called to schedule an appointment and spoke with Crissy who then referred me to Alyssa.

I was able to meet with her the next week. After meeting her for the first time I knew that I had finally found someone to talk with. Being that Alyssa is young and a recent college student I felt like I could really relate to her and she was understanding with my busy schedule. I started seeing her on a regular basis, once a week for about 5 months. During this time Alyssa helped me though a very difficult decision to testify against a family member in court, how to cope with not having a relationship with my mother and brother, leave a three year long unhealthy relationship, fears of working in the medical field and how to do what is best for myself. She suggested books for me to read that really helped me better understand relationships that I was never able to make sense of before. I always felt comfortable to tell her anything and to cry when I needed to.

With all of Alyssa’s counseling I felt that I had become a stronger person therefore, I stopped seeing her on a regular basis. However, with graduating from school and making some major life decisions I felt like I needed someone to talk to again. I called her and she was able to see me within in a week. After talking to her I knew that I was making the right decisions. Since then I got a job within my field of study and am in a healthy relationship. Although I am no longer seeing her regularly I know that if I ever need guidance again I can always look to her for help. My experience with Alyssa and this practice has been nothing but wonderful.

S.S.- Pittsburgh, Pa

In 2015, Alyssa was my counselor. I found her to be compassionate, insightful and caring. I felt that our meetings were productive and that she helped me to gain perspective on some troubling situations that were occurring in my life. In all likelihood, I would still be attending counseling sessions with Alyssa but unfortunately, my insurance was not accepted at the practice where she was located. Regardless of my health insurance situation, my experience with Alyssa was one that was positive and supportive. I feel certain that she will continue to be a wonderful therapist.

D. D. - Mt. Lebanon